Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cultura Dia Costarricense 2008

Costarricense have a traditional holiday set aside to celebrate with a fiesta.One of traditions is creative masks that are made to ward off spirits that are not welcome.Some of the masks express happiness or joy, or just being"loco". It was a fun day!! We played games and ate C.R. food. The whole day was put on by our teachers and staff of I.L.E.The picture below shows the teachers dancing with one of the only students who would dance.

These masks were a big hit with the smaller kids. The band played for at least an hour +.....they were awesome
This is my teacher Marianela.She is a God send!!
This is my grammer teacher Oscar ,he is also a God send.And Loco!!

Notice the proper form!!

This is Marge and her teacher Ana Silvia, who she is close with because
she is Italian as well.
This is Marge with her grammer teacher Sandra.

We are both so blessed with our teachers, they are really passionate in their roles to teach spanish for Kindom purposes for God's Glory!!

Costa Rica Culture Day I.L.E.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

trip to Panama

We took a trip to Panama to get our passorts stamped and thought we would share some of the photos with you all. We stayed on and island called Bastimentos, off of Bocas del Toro. The island is where they filmed Survivor Panama. Thank you for your continued prayers.