Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Que hay en mi barrio

"What is there in my neighborhood" When we run out of milk or bread we walk over to the supermarcado on the corner.On the way, there is a cell tower that is well protected with a brick fence and razor wire. The problem is the wall is blank and just asks for graffiti.In this case it wasn't even gang graffiti which sometimes can be really creative, but this was just random political propaganda not attrative at all. Someone with some artistic effort started this wall mural made out of broken tile which is common in most homes here in Central America. So here are the before pictures and when it's completed, I'll post the finished product. These pictures were taken in the morning and it's always sunny in the morning. We are in the peak of rainy season here in Costa Rica. I love the rain,everything is so green..it rains at least 6 to 7 hours most days.We are almost at the end of our 3 week break, next week we return back to classes.Thanks so much for your prayers and support.We love you all!!M&M