Saturday, November 15, 2008

International Youth Group

Introducing the new directors of the International Youth Group located in San Fransico de Dos Rios, Costa Rica. Marge and I have accepted the positon of directors for the I.Y.G. and feel God's leading in this effort to support, teach, and lead youth of all cultures into a grounded relationship with Christ. International means, Tico's (Costa Ricans), and missionary kids that are going all over the world.We are greatful that our mission board, Christ for the City International is allowing us this incredible opportunity to build bridges between the International Youth Group and the C.F.C.I. ministries we will be serving with.

Adam is showing his juggling skills at a V.B.S. effort up in San Carlos where we did a short term missions trip to the El Mirador community.

Half of our team worked doing V.B.S. while the other half worked at the camp we stayed at. In this photo, Esteban and Kristian work moving huge bamboo doing major yardwark.

This is the whole San Carlos team!!

Serena working V.B.S. with two short term abroad students from Mt Vernon college in Ohio.

Eden, Olivia, and Mandi painting one of the buildings at the Camp, as well as themsleves:)