Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beinvenida a barrio La Cuenca

Bienvenida a barrio La Cuenca in San Jose,Costa Rica.This is the neighborhood in north San Jose that God has called our hearts to. We are praising God for opening an opportunity here for us to build a bridge into this neighborhood by allowing the kids from the International Youth Group to serve along side us to the extremely needy community of La Cuenca. In the picture above a young girl is being served possibly her only meal today. Pray with us as God allows us to bring the hope of the Gospel to them all.

Today we served around 200 meals to the hungry

The face of this girl in need of food today brought Mark to tears.
please pray for her and her family.

Some children are lucky enough to eat this meal today, others are forced to bring their food to their parents who are either too ashamed to come out for food or unable to due to drugs or alcohol.

It's a joy to see the smiles on their faces when we come to serve them. This little girl is showing us how she can dance.

These kids are starving for affection. Pray with us for many opportunities to teach them about the love Christ has to offer. This picture was taken during a lesson about Noah and the ark.

As of today, this building is the only area we have to minister to the kids in. Today, there were not even enough seats for them all, but God knows that we need more resources for these hundreds of children in need.