Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clarks and Longs in Costa Rica

Yes, you counted right!! that's 11 people in our 7 seater, wait, where is Meg and Abby would be laughing too!!! Marge and Kim and an awesome rainbow in the backdrop on our descent into La Cumbre.

On a hike with the Clarks down to a water fall.
Sudden rainshowers are a blessing in Costa Rica!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Clarks short term mission trip to Costa Rica

Tommy Clark building cabnit for the clinic in La Carpio.
Eden,Abby and IYG'ers painting New Horizons outreach center in La Carpio.

Marge and Donna painting cabnit doors and other....

Cabnits almost ready for painting and instillation.

Clark and Long family with International Youth Group giving the finishing touches on the cabnits for the Clinic in La Carpio.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

clase de Adventura Pico Blanco

Group photo of Adventure class at Pico Blanco montana.

Below photo is the class learning to make a survival food called Bannok. This is a bread made from scratch that is a good source of protein.It is very common as a survival source of protein .Google it, it's been around a long time.

Below students studing the 1st John as part of the class.

Friday, February 5, 2010


The International Youth Group had it's first annual New Year's Formal. It gave the missionary kids an opportunity to get dressed up and have a fancy dinner at a nice resturant. They had the after party at our house and there was much fun had by all. It's memories in the making!!!!! Happy New Year!!!


we celebrated our fisrt Christmas in a new culture. It was very different but wonderful in it's own ways. Our Christmas tree was set in a bucket of water and covered up with red towels but it worked!!! We made a traditional ham (kind of) dinner and enjoyed the tranquility of Central America. The entire country stops for the week of Christmas. No cars on the streets, no people walking everywhere. We really enjoyed the slow pace the holiday brought here. We got a new security system for our family present!! Her name is Gracie. She is wonderful, needed security and we just love her. We,along with the International Youth Group had the opportunity to provide Christmas for our maids children. She told me after Christmas, "The kids father lost his job the week before Christmas, and if they wouln't have gotten the gifts we bought, they would have had nothing to open for Christmas", God is so amazing!!!!!! Our children were also provided Christmas by the awesome women & girls small group at Asbury UMC in Birmingahm, as well as dear friends that sent stocking stuffers, THANKS GUYS!!!! We also had time with our national friends, Javier and Ruth for Christmas and celebrated, Costa Rica style ,at thier home. We took the kids up to camp La cumbre for 2 days in the middle of God's hand print for some end of the year reflection and gratitude and up coming year prayer.