Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Missions trip to the Cabecar Indians

Tommy&Kim Clark, Marge,Mark (potential ministry partners) ready for the hike,or so we thought.

Kim,Marge started together and soon realized this was going to be an individual journey through the jungle.

Praise God for Giovanni,and his horse to carry our food other gear.

Mark,Marge,Fernando Sanchez an engineer(one of our pastors brothers),and Dr.Adrianna Aguilar water specialist,enjoying incredible views.

Marge with 2 hours left of the hike in.
Marge with the girls in their home.Notice the girl who does not want to pose...

Rugged trail!! I think Kim is airborne.

Giovanni and his sister...

Tommy Clark and Phillip Jones at the evening service by candle light....1

Mark walking back up to the village after the service.Notice you can't see my feet..

This is the shower area,which consisted of pouring a bowl of cold river water over your body....

Our team praying, asking God for provision for the hike out....

This is the God spoken landscape that is everywhere!!