Friday, July 6, 2012


Our home church Shades Mountain Independent Church came back yet again to help us build our home here in Paso Marcos. They have prayed, given and labored with us in this endeavor from the beginning. They have believed God with us that He said He would build us a house here to carry out His calling on our lives, and they have invested their time, resources and sweat into making this become a reality. We are getting there!!!!! As they say here in Costa Rica, poco a poco......little by little, but really it's been a lot by a lot!!!! And we are so grateful for their investment into us, their missionaries!!!!! Thank you SMIC!!!!!!!! Here is some of the work they accomplished this time as well as some pics of the house and where we are in the process.... We have 2 more teams scheduled to come, one comes tomorrow for 8 days and our "birth" church Freedom Bible Church, along with the Pastor, Frank Vargo who baptized Mark and I nearly 20 years ago will be here to build the kingdom of God with us on July 22. We are praying to the God of heaven to provide the last funds needed to get us in, would you please pray with us??? "DIOS PUEDE" God is able..... Eph 3:20

Grupo de Mujeres de la Comunidad " Community women's Group"

The title of this group of women I am working with locally is basically a community group. We kiddingy call it Mujeres en Acción, women in action! I ask you to pray into the vision I have for this group becoming a community Bible study of women who are in action for Christ. As of now, the focus is crafts and cooking with devotion before we start every other Saturday. I am praying to God that the focus will eventually be HIM and His Word and the crafts and cooking will just be an added bonus...... I have seen changes already. One woman volunteered to pray this past week to start our time together and another women has asked me to come to her house to counsel her once every other week. So much of what we are doing here is building relationships and God has given me such an incredible love for these women and I feel their love for me as well. Their ages range from daughters who are in High School to women older than me. We do cooking lessons once a month and we do practical crafts once a month. This month we made recipe card holders, pictures you see here. Next week, we have a team coming and the woman coming will teach them, as well as me to make aprons. If any of you are interested in sewing (no pun intended) into this ministry by sending me ideas for crafts, recipes, or adopting one of there precious women by supplying her cooking and craft supply's, please contact me at or send me a message on FB at Marge Caico Long, that would be most welcomed and it would give you an opportunity to support the ministry God has called us to here in Paso Marcos. I know that many of you women are so talented in these areas and it would be wonderful to share in the gifting God gave you with these women who are less fortunate.